The Reunion -- Series

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Author Motivation These three contemporary love stories are about people in their late thirties meeting at their twenty year high school reunion and falling in love. The back drop to my stories are all smart, hard working women in non traditional jobs, the situations they encounter, and the men they fall in love with.
  1. Noah and Kate
    Everyone's surprised at their twenty-year high school reunion when Noah Harris shows up. He still has that same edgy energy that intimidated the boys and made the girls swoon. All the girls except Kate Moore. Kate was kind, a good student and the school's top athlete. Kate never liked Noah. He was a mean bully who sold drugs and stole.

    When kate picks her son up from child care, she's appalled that he's playing with Noah's boy. Even worse, Noah's boy is on her son's soccer team. How does she nip this friendship in the bud?

    Noah can't get Kate out of his mind. It's been twenty years but she still has the same warm happy energy he finds madly compelling. Maybe, with a little charm, he can melt this ice queen's heart. It won't be easy but you can't fault a man for trying, can you?

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