Book 3 - Hita
  1. Hita's interview at Apple
  1. Interview in San Francisco
  1. Hita meets the princesses at Nola's in Palo Alto
  1. The Genesh statue at the house Hita went to with her parents.
  1. Game Kastle
  1. Xanh - The trendy Vietnamese restaurant where the princesses met for drinks.
  1. Saravanaa Bhavan, the restaurant that Anil took Hita to.
  1. The Dish, where Hita walks with Olivia.
  1. Hita's new car
  1. The scene in Annie Hall with the lobsters. Hita watches with Kristi.
  1. Dance Dance Revolution machine - that Tim and Brian have in their apartment.
  1. A sari, similar to the one Hita wears for Savi's party.
  1. Presidio Golden Gate Club - where Hita's holiday party is held.
  1. Sakoon, where Hita has dinner with Dik
  1. Century Theaters where Hita and David go on their first date.
  1. The Counter, where David takes Hita for hamburgers.
  1. Shopping mall where Olivia takes Hita so she can by a nice outfit for the holiday party.
  1. The Tech, the scene of the company holiday party.
  1. Bierhous - where Hita and David meet up with Meredith and Sam for dinner.
  1. Santa Cruz Pier swim - where Hita runs into Collin
  1. Amber Indian Restaurant - where Collin takes Hita on their first date.
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