Book 1 - Juliette part 3
Below is a visual tour of the places Juliette visited in book 3
  1. Cascal - where Nate takes Juliette for dinner
  1. El Postal - where Juliette goes for a celebratory lunch with Mark and Roger
  1. Castro Street Mt View
  1. Mountain View farmers market
  1. Mountain View General Store
  1. Sharks Ice - where Nate skates
  1. Link to You're the Expert. The show Juliette is listening to when Nate picks her up.

  1. A house that inspired me when writing about Nate's holiday party at his boss's house.
  1. Viva Sol - where Juliette meets her dad for dinner. Also where Roger and Mark join them.
  1. The Tech - where Juliette's holiday party is held
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