Book 1 - Juliette part 1
Below is a visual tour of the places Juliette visited in book 1
  1. Swimming pool - where Juliette meets Zach
  1. The Tide House The swim team happy hour -- where Juliette meets Zach.
  1. Los Altos horse arena - where Juliette rides horses
  1. Glasgow Physics The show Juliette was watching when Cassie came home.
  1. Stanford shopping center - where Juliette and Cassie goes shopping
  1. Levi's Park - where Juliette and Cassie go to watch the 49ers.
  1. In case you don't know what they look like. Here is Ginger and Mary Ann from Giligans Island.
  1. Crapevine - where Juliette ate breakfast with Zach, Kevin, and Amanda
  1. Steins Beer Garden Happy hour with Zach and his friends
  1. Fiesta Del Mar Too - dinner after happy hour - Juliette, Zach, Sean, Kevin, Amanda
  1. Where Zach and Juliette eat gelato
  1. Hike with Nate
  1. Ridge Winery - where Juliette and Nate go wine tasting
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