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  1. The Story of Jax and Payton (Book 1 - A Silicon Valley Prince)
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    1. Payton's hectic schedule didn't include being ordered to show up at a customer's office after his computers are taken hostage.

      Of course, Jax, the guy doing the ordering wasn't expecting his computer guy to be such a beauty.

      Their first meeting doesn't get off too well as Jax blurts out, "Payton, the dude I've been texting back and forth with for the last two years is really a girl?"

      "Yeah, well, Jax, you look a lot different than what I pictured too." Except Payton finds Jax to be big, broad, and ruggedly handsome. Why do all the good-looking guys have to be such dicks?" Payton wonders.

      Jax can't stop watching this beauty fix his computers, while Payton's intrigued and repulsed all at the same time.

      Afterwards Jax can't get Payton out of his mind. A couple of days later, wanting to see Payton again, Jax hatches a plan.

      Nothing could have prepared Payton for the ride Jax would take her on. And she certainly wasn't prepared for where she'd wind up when the ride was over.
      All good things must come to an end, right?
      Except their ending was one Payton didn't see coming.
  1. Brody and Ana (Book 2 - A Silicon Valley Prince)
    1. Coming Fall 2016
    1. Brody's a busy executive who doesn't have time for life. Ana's a wildlife biologist studying large carnivores. When one of Ana's cats gets poisoned, Brody suddenly finds himself helping out. Can these two seemingly opposites attract?
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