This is my "out take" blog. I will be posting cut chapters and scenes. I'm always happy to answer any character questions.
  1. If you want daily posts on living in Silicon Valley's amazing how my favorite restaurants and daily activities get incorporated into my books...visit me on my Facebook page.
    1. The first draft of all my stories are rather wild since I create an outline then write without editing or censoring myself. Afterworlds I come back to the story and delete a lot. My criteria for keeping a scene is it has to be interesting and it moves the story ahead.
    1. To state the obvious - these scenes did not make the cut. They may be boring or have nothing to do with the story, and ALL of them are very raw - that is they have not had an editorial review -- lots of typos and mistakes.
    1. When I get into a series I always want more - I hope this fills your need for more.
  1. Juliette was condensed from three books. In the process I cut out a few chapters. Those chapters are available under the Juliette tag.
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