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  1. About Me
    1. Work Stuff -- I've spent many years working high-tech in Silicon Valley at both large companies and start-ups. This has given me plenty of war stories and a rich understanding of how things work in the valley. I use this as a back drop to my stories.
    2. Family Stuff -- I'm a mom of a wonderful teen age daughter. Coaching my daughter's soccer team was the inspiration for the Princess series. I watched all these wonderful girls and imagined what they would be like in ten years. The Prince stories were inspired by all the single 30-somthings I know who are all working hard and still looking for that someone special. The Reunion series was motivated by me going back to my high school reunion. The love stories are all from my imagination but many of the interactions were real.

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  1. Why Silicon Valley?
    1. Most of my stories take place in Silicon Valley. Not only do I live in Silicon Valley but I find it a unique and dynamic place with lots of smart people who work really hard. It also has its own culture I rarely find correctly represented in our media. I think most people who write about Silicon Valley have never worked at a Silicon Valley high-tech company. In other words, they really don't understand why it is they way that it is, they just write about the manifestations of what they see. I hope my books are a fun, under the cover look, at high tech Silicon Valley style.
    1. When I was looking for a second location for my stories, I wanted a place that would be different from Silicon Valley. That's why I chose Western New York. I liked that it was three thousand miles away so the weather was different, the land was different, and it has a very different economic base. It's also where I grew up.
  1. Why write?
    1. In 2012, I had a cardiac arrest, spent four days in a coma, and lost ten days of my memory. With my damaged heart, I spent the rest of the year laying on my couch trying to get oxygen to my muscles and reading ... a lot. I found I liked books that have a first person narrative, are relationship driven and have a happy ending. These three characteristics were in all romance novels.
    1. What I didn't see in most of the books was intelligent women with non-traditional jobs, a strong group of friends and a loving relationship with their family. Since I have no desire to try to fix a broken man or date an unrepentant bad boy I found the typical romance men to be unappealing. That doesn't mean my hero's don't have issues. It's just their issues can be solved by opening up and falling in love with a great woman.

    1. I got my idea for my books from life. My first series “The Princesses” is about 20-something men and women who live in Silicon Valley and are transitioning from college to full adulthood. For my second series, “The Princes”, I aged the protagonists up so they are dealing with issues people in their 30's face. With my third series “Reunion” I felt the issues and life style of adults in their late thirties were universal and the stories did not need to be tied to Silicon Valley.

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