About Me
  1. About Me
    1. Personal Stuff -- I met my husband in 1996 swimming at Mountain View Masters. No, Zach is not my husband, though my husband is an engineer, college swimmer and when I met him he swam in lane eight -- the shark tank.
    2. Work Stuff -- I've spent many years working high-tech in Silicon Valley at both large companies and start-ups. Many of the people and situations at Juliette's work are taken from my own experiences.
    3. Family Stuff -- I'm a mom of a wonderful middle school age daughter. My daughter was my inspiration for Juliette.
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  1. Why Silicon Valley?
    1. I chose Silicon Valley because I live here and find it a unique and dynamic place with lots of smart people who work really hard. It also has its own culture I rarely find correctly represented in our media. I think most people who write about Silicon Valley have never worked at a Silicon Valley high-tech company. In other words, they really don't understand why it is they way that it is, they just write about the manifestations of what they see. I thought these books would be a fun under the cover look at high tech Silicon Valley style.
    2. I changed the name of Stanford University to 'Leland University' since the university plays a major roll in Meredith's book and I don't want Stanford to send me a cease and desist. The university is important for all the Princesses since it's where they met and a major engine of talent and ideas. I wanted to give Juliette a strong, supportive group of women friends. Also graduating locally is a good reason for them all to stay in the area.
  1. Why write?
    1. In 2012, I had a cardiac arrest, spent four days in a coma, and lost ten days of my memory. With my damaged heart, I spent the rest of the year laying on my couch trying to get oxygen to my muscles and reading ... a lot. I found I liked books that have a first person narrative, are relationship driven and have a happy ending. These three characteristics were in all romance novels.
    1. What I didn't see in most of the books was intelligent women with a strong group of friends and a good relationship with their family. Since I have no desire to fix a broken man or date a bad boy I found the typical romance men to be unappealing.
    1. I got my idea for my books from living and working in Silicon Valley. I decided I would write a series about the men and women I meet every day. Intelligent women who have a job and future and reliable men who have their act together.
    1. Of course, this doesn't make for good drama. I needed to bring drama to the book in another way. In the Juliette book the drama is the choice, in Nate, the drama is growing up emotionally. In Hita, it's the search for the right guy. In Jennifer and Rocket, it's about finding what you need instead of what you think you want. In Isabelle it's about finding your own way.
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